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We have decided not to change our uniform for 2010. This is a print of what a future uniform might look like. All Logos would be the same however the white would be replaced with black.

We might still order new hats for 2010 from Richardson if enough people would like new hats

If you are in neeed of or want to replace your jersey for 2010 that can be done. Sometime in Janauary if you want to replace your jersey we will take everyone who is interested and place an order together ( in order to save on shipping) the cost should be around $105 per person.

For those of you who have asked about pants ..you can buy from any number of places just as long as they are white with a red (sometimes called Scarlet) stripe. If you need help with finding a good place to buy them contact me..Scott


Loons are Proud to be a member of the MSBL